Indoor Exhibits

Indoor exhibits will be located in Halls 4, 5 and 6 at Palexpo. View the EBACE2015 technical floor plan. A minimum of a 6m-by-6m island stand is required to reserve raw exhibit space. Exhibits smaller than a 6m-by-6m island stand must reserve either inline raw space or shell scheme space.

Priority One

$3,980 per 3m-by-3m exhibit space reserved

Priority Two

$3,660 per 3m-by-3m exhibit space reserved

Priority Two, Priority Three & Priority Four

Raw Space: $3,660 per 3m-by-3m exhibit space reserved

Inline Raw Space – New for 2015: $4,000 per 3m-by-3m exhibit space reserved

  • Inline raw exhibit spaces do not require shell-scheme hard walls.
  • Inline raw exhibit spaces may not have hanging signs, lighting trusses, materials or components above stand spaces.
  • All ground-supported exhibit materials, components and identification signs will be permitted to a maximum height of 2.5m.
  • A back wall that adjoins another exhibitor must be finished, in most situations.
  • No identification of any kind is allowed on a back wall that adjoins another exhibitor (this includes company logos).

Shell Scheme: $4,460 per 3m-by-3m exhibit space reserved

Indoor Exhibit Space Discount

EBACE management offers a special discount of $50 per 3m-by-3m indoor exhibit space reserved to companies making full payment – on a nonrefundable basis – by December 15, 2014. Exhibitors submitting applications after the December 15, 2014, deadline are not eligible for this discount.

Static Display

Static display exhibits will be located at Geneva International Airport, which is immediately adjacent to Palexpo. Static display exhibits must showcase real aircraft. Exhibits without aircraft are not permitted on the static display.

Ramp Space: $415 per 3m-by-3m space reserved

Aircraft Movement Fees: Aircraft movement fees are determined based upon the size of the aircraft. EBACE management will collect fees and pass them along to service provider.

Aircraft Movement Fee Less than 6,000 lbs MTOW $350
6,000 lbs – 14,999 lbs MTOW $475
15,000 lbs – 34,999 lbs MTOW $600
35,000 lbs – 100,000 lbs MTOW $725
Over 100,000 lbs MTOW $1,500

Ancillary charges for services to support the static display exhibits will be billed separately.

Fees for additional services such as electrical service, aircraft GPU and temporary air-conditioners will be billed separately by the EBACE-appointed service provider.

Aircraft mock-ups are not permitted on the static display. Only actual aircraft are permitted. Exhibitors should plan accordingly and include mock-ups with their indoor exhibits.

Indoor Exhibit Space Placement Process

Indoor exhibit space is assigned based on the priority draw procedures outlined below. To be included in priority draw, exhibit applications must be submitted, with payment in full, by December 15, 2014.

The EBACE2015 live, online exhibit space placements will take place January 12 to 23, 2015.

All exhibitors who submit exhibit applications and payments by December 15, 2014, will receive email confirmation of receipt of payment and their priority draw category.

Priority One

A minimum of 20 contiguous 3m-by-3m exhibit spaces (180 sq. m) is required.

All original airframe manufacturers (OEMs) displaying an aircraft either inside their exhibit space or on the static display will be placed first, before non-OEMs.

Priority Two

A minimum of 20 contiguous 3m-by-3m exhibit spaces (180 sq. m) is required.

Priority Three

A 10-year continuous history of exhibiting at EBACE is required.

Priority Four

This category applies to all other exhibitors that do not meet the criteria above, but have submitted applications with payments in full by December 15, 2014.

Companies who submit payments and applications after the December 15, 2014, deadline will be placed in the order that they are received after Priority One to Four exhibitors have been placed.

Once priority category has been determined for all eligible exhibitors, each exhibitor will receive via email:

  • Official priority draw results
  • Confirmation of their participation in the live, online exhibit space placement
  • Detailed timeline for live exhibit space placement
  • Information about the live, online stand selection process
  • Reminder of permissible stand configurations and hanging sign rules

Following the placement of each exhibitor, exhibitors will receive via email:

  • Stand confirmation, including stand number
  • Exhibitor Dashboard login

For more information about the EBACE priority draw process, please email [email protected].